We can offer approx. 100 parking spaces in the garage of Trysil Alpine Lodge. There are also 15 charging stations available for non-resident day guests.
So here it works - This is how its works

Find Trysil Alpine Lodge at Velkomstvegen 43 in Trysil. Trysil Alpine Lodge is in the best location for a day of skiing in Trysil. We offer 100 covered parking spaces for non-resident guests. Price per hour is NOK 40. Daily price NOK 210. (Subject to changes, always look in the parking company's app).

You can charge your car. We have 15 unmarked chargers in U2. Charging via the app of

Park in U1 or U2 - Charging option in U2 - Park in U1 or U2 - Charging option in U2

You drive into U1 or U2. There are the most places in U2. Parking for non-resident guests is in unmarked parking spaces, where there is no apartment number.

Payment and prices

Parking is paid with Autopay/Onepark. Vehicle number is automatically registered.

Charging is paid with Plugpay.